Being a NJ gun owner

I was on the phone yesterday with a gun smith in Arizona, and he asked me what it was like being a gun owner in NJ.  I told him, not too bad.

But after I got off the phone, I thought about it.  And after rereading Sebastian‘s write up, it makes me wonder.  Just how much more do things have to get fucked up in NJ before I start to notice, besides this one hand gun a month crap, banning flintlocks, and other such nonsense.

Maybe it has something to do with how I view firearms within my own life.  I use them for sporting/recreational shooting.  I never really got into them as a means of self defense.  Sure, the Government announcing on TV that it’s not responsible for the well being of it’s citizens, shortly after Hurricane Katrina, made me take action and make that call for firearms training.  But I could swear I was advised to check *sporting purposes* on the initial application as a reason for a firearm permit, since NJ doesn’t seem to think that *self defense* is a reasonable purpose for owning a gun.  And that fuckedupness should’ve put me on notice.

NJ doesn’t have CCW.  Well it does, but you need to prove, in court, why you need one.  I don’t personally feel I need one, so it doesn’t really interest me.  But I actually looked into it last summer, since sometimes I withdraw very large amounts of cash from the company bank account, but was informed that since it wasn’t *my* money, the court would take the stance that it would be insured, and my employer would have to come to court to petition my need for a CCW as well.  Ain’t gonna happen.  Even though I can get a Non Resident Permit from Florida, but even that doesn’t interest me, cause I would rarely have the opportunity to use it.

These debates that I read about regarding allowing students and teachers to carry in school is a totally foreign concept to me, and as a resident of NJ, since carrying firearms is not in our collective conscious, I don’t even know if I can comment on that properly.

But maybe the key is seeing all the craziness that’s in store for NJ.  Over the past year, I’ve learned about all the new pending legislation that would affect me as a gun owner in the Garden State.  I mean, I can only wonder what Ol’ Bucko and Buckette have in store for us.  They’ve boasted about being in cahoots with the NJ Legislature before.   And also the world of gun blogs has opened my eyes to fuckupness on a national level, as well as stuff locally that I wasn’t aware of.

Will NJ ever roll back the crazy laws, doubtfully.

(……I have the very bad habit of posting in haste and editing at leisure when it comes to reflective posts such as this, this post will probably expand and be corrected as time goes on. I’ve already tweaked it some and more is probably on the way……)

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3 Responses to Being a NJ gun owner

  1. Gibcity says:

    You have pretty much started a good dissertation on why NJ is one “F**KED UP STATE”. NJ has unfortunately become a State of “SHEEP” and the “WOLVES” are running the show. This is why most of my original gun collection is now out of state and I will never retire in NJ although my family has been here for at least three generations. – A New Jersey Zombie

  2. cemeterycas says:

    One thing I recently realized, even the Republicans are anti gun. Very few people in the Legislature have any interest in gun rights period. Talk about being behind the eight ball from the get go.

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